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Friday, January 21, 2011

New quarter, new rut

It seems every time I start a new quarter at school I start out depressed and stressed. I finally start to feel happy, confident and successful and I feel ready to start school...and then it comes and the depression and anxiety come with it. My dreams are all nightmares. I toss and turn while I see myself in the hospital with no way to pay the bill, fighting with my ex-roommate, or generally in distress. I'm tired of nightmares, I just want to sleep peacefully at night. I want to be able to wake up feeling refreshed and not anxious and depressed. I know eventually I'll stabilize again, but I'm just so sick of swinging back and forth.

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  1. A lot of times I will dream about the last thing I saw before going to bed. I don't know if you watch any tv now, but if you do, you could try putting in a happy, cheerful movie and watching some or all of it before going to bed. Your brain may continue to work on that while you're sleeping.


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