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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bipolar Writing

I've  been a writer for as long as I can remember. I've always written more about the darker elements of life. As a nine year old I wrote a story about a girl who was abused, and I never personally was abused, I just wanted to talk about what a terrible thing child abuse was. Lately I haven't had much time for creative writing. I've been working for Demand Studios for about two years now and I think that's cut down on my creative writing a lot. I mean I'm writing....but they're all non-fiction articles about bipolar disorder and mental health in general (you should check them out by the way, I've got links to them under my twitter widget).

I almost feel like I'm losing an important part of myself. Writing is supposed to be who I am. I'm bipolar and I'm a writer. I'm never going to stop being bipolar, but by not being a writer anymore it's like half of who I am is disappearing. I've been trying to write lately, but I just feel like my inspiration is missing. I've got story ideas, but I can't get more than a page or two down. I keep hoping that if I keep forcing it, eventually the creative juices will start flowing again, but I'm afraid that all that will come out is something stupid no one will ever want to read.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. As a harried blood courier, I have very little free time as well. It helps me to carry a dinged notepad with me where I jot down dialogue or snippets of descriptions or story ideas.

    Each person you pass on the street is having a harder time than it appears. Sexual or verbal abuse at home. An ill child and money for the antibiodics but not the cough medicine. A cruel boss that is leeching the joy out of life.

    Abraham Lincoln wrestled with bipolar order all his life while dealing with failure after failure, only to achieve his dream of the presidency at the time when it looked his nation would tear itself apart.

    You are a heroine for making it through each day. The road before you is not easy. But impossible is what gives birth to legends, right?

    I know you have it in you to be a legend. I'm in your corner, Roland


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