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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I can't sit still, but I can't just pace all day. I just wanna get out, but the rain and the lack of a car prevent me. I'm just so irritable and restless. Maybe it's a side effect of the new meds I've been taking...(anyone know anything about Abilify?) . More likely it's because I still don't have my anxiety meds. I really would kill for the Klonopin under someone's fingernails right now. I kinda wanna sleep and make it go away, but I'm too restless and anxious to let myself. It's almost as if I'm afraid something's trying to catch up with me and I just have to keep moving or typing to keep it at bay. Even sitting here typing is driving me a little mad, but it's better than the pacing.


  1. You might call up your physician to see about that anxiety medication. If income is a problem, perhaps there are samples your physician could give you until you can arrange to buy them.

    Sometimes it is hard being human. Perhaps boots, raincoat, and an umbrella would make walking feasible? Physical exercise helps some : push up's and sit up's.

    There are no easy answers until your medication situation is straightened out. Your body's biochemistry is out of balance, placing your moods at high tide. Try to weather the storm as best as possible. Easy to type ... so very hard to do. Roland

  2. Well I have my prescription filled, but I'm out of town and I left my pills in my desk drawer unfortunately...not a smart move. I get to anxious about slipping and falling in the rain so I'm homebound for now. I'm going home tonight and then I get my pills. I guess I'll have to hang in until then.


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