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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where I am today

So that was all about where I've this is where I am...I'm back in my old apartment. In September I had gotten an apartment with my sister and brother-in-law and started on my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. I quickly ran out of steam and that's how I ended up in the hos3 pital, but now I'm back at the apartment....jobless and without income. My old roommates have moved out and now instead I live with my fiance and our 3 best friends. You'd think that would be enough to help us get by, but we're ALL bipolar and only 2 of us have our diplomas. Even though I have a BA I can't even find a real job!! One of my roommates and I were doing windshield repair for a while, but we could barely afford the gas driving to work and it didn't really help us pay for the rent at all. Right now we're already late for our rent since we paid for July on the day August was due. We have to come up with $801 by Monday....not to mention the $300 I owe my parents for helping us pay for July. I get paid my last check on Monday, but knowing that job it'll only be about $200 for two weeks of FULL TIME OVERTIME work. We've managed to come up with about $40 washing windshields for people in parking lots. We've got about another $10 in cans and bottles (woo hoo dumpster diving!) I'm also trying to sell a $200 Harley Davidson jacket for $20. I was completely stable after the STAY, but the stress of it all has got me back into hardcore mood swings. I guess that's what's brought me back to this blog. It's a great way to vent about all of this bullshit AND God willing I'll make a couple bucks through Adsense. It never hurts to try right?

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